Crosby Family Confluence Park

Crosby Family Confluence Park



Crosby Family Confluence Park is a great park tucked away right at the confluence of the Santa Clara and Virgin rivers. While the park doesn't have a kids play area, it does have restrooms, a pavilion, and plenty of grass. With a large number of city trails that start at or go through this park and several historical markers, this site is worth taking a look at.

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Located on former property of the Crosby Family, this park was once simply the "Confluence Trailhead".  The park now serves as a geat starting point for several trails, including trails belonging to the Virgin River, Webb Hill and Santa Clara River trail systems.  There is a full restroom onsite, in addition to a large grass area and a pavilion appropriate for seating about 30 people.

As described by the city of St. George, the park is distinctive for one reason in particluar:

One unique element of the Crosby Family Confluence Park is the drainage system that handles the runoff from the interchange. This system allows rainwater drainage from the interchange roadway to flow into the rock lined detention basin and percolate down through the soil. In larger storm events runoff water will flow through the rock lined channel and onto the turf where it will percolate down to a series of collection pipes and be carried to the Santa Clara River. The percolation system allows water to return to the surrounding soil, the biofiltration cleanses the storm water and slows potentially damaging direct flows to the river.

There are several different hostorical markers at the park, including one dedicated to the 2005 flood that washed several homes into the Santa Clara river, a monument to one of the pioneer exporatory camps of the area, and several other onformational placards with general historical information.

The monument to one of the exploratory camps reads:

In November 1849 a little-known expedition was sent by Brigham Young to explore southern Utah for possible future settlement. This fifty-man party was led by Apostle Parley P. Pratt.

On Tuesday, January 1, 1850, twenty horse-mounted members of this party made camp near the confluence of the Santa Clara and Virgin Rivers. This historic event was mentioned in their journals and the union of these rivers can be seen from this mark. After their long difficult winter journeyer that at times requires struggling through snow up to four feet deep, they brought back descriptions and information that soon led to the settling of southern Utah.

In his report to the territorial legislature Pratt wrote:

"I arrived home on Wednesday evening, the 30th of Jan. having been absent ten weeks. The pack company soon after, some with frozen limbs but I believe generally in good health and Spirits.

I now wish to bear witness of the fifty who accompanied me on this expedition, and to have them in honorable remembrance...I Have never seen men placed in circumstances better calculated to try their utmost strength and patience. And at onetime, another half-mile of deep snow intervening between them and camp would have cause every man to sink exhausted without being able to force their way any longer.

They are first-rate men, and I have promised to remember them for the very next undertaking which requires toil, labor and sacrifice."

I have the honor to subscribe myself your obedience servant,
Parly P. Pratt"

The other various information signs can be seen in the pictures on this page as well.

There are several river crossing bridges, and scenic trails in the immediate vicinity of this park as well.


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