Oak Grove Campground

Oak Grove Campground



The Oak Grove Campground is off the beaten path, but offers some extra rewards for the effort. The remote location means 9 miles of nearly all dirt road driving, but the road is usually in great condition and accessible by any vehicle. The incredible views include Pine Valley Mountain up-close, and various features of Zion in the distance. These views combined with the cool mountain temperatures among the pine trees make for a unique camping trip that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Elevation Range:   0 ft
Low Elevation:   6550 ft
High Elevation:   6550 ft
Distance:   0.0 miles
Area:   Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness Area
Cost:   $5.00 per campsite per night
Rating:    (4.0)
Aerobic Intensity:    (0.0)
Technical Difficulty:    (0.0)
Scenery:    (4.0)
  1 ratings
Last Edited: Oct 03, 2016


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to escape the crowds and the summer heat, the Oak Grove campground may be just the spot to do it.

This campground (as well as the road leading up to it) is one of the many items built by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) during the depression.  Some of the fire pits, as well as the stone gazebo are there as remnants of their construction efforts.

The campground is rustic with no water, no RV hookups, no power, and nothing more than a fire pit and a grill at each site and a pit toilet near the entrance.  There are some larger areas that make the site appropriate for larger groups, but if you want to have a family reunion with 50 people present there are other campgrounds that are more appropriate.  There are 9 sites available.

Getting to the campground requires a little less than 9 miles of travel over an improved gravel road.  The road is usually in great condition and accessible by any passenger vehicle (high clearance not required), but be careful especially after a rain, and check with the forest service to get the present conditions if there are any doubts.  Trailers are not recommended, especially in the relatively tight confines of the campground.

There are 13 different dispersed campsites along the road on the way up, these are free for use.  Some of these may accomodate a small trailer, but just as with the Oak Grove Campground reservations are not accepted and the sites are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis.




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 Getting There

Going Northbound on I-15:

  • Take exit 22, and turn left at the stop sign
  • Travel north through Leeds for 1.7 miles
  • Make a left on Silver Reef Road, quickly going under the freeway

Going Southbound on I-15:

  • Ttake exit 23. 
  • Turn right at the stop sign, going West on Silver Reef Road

From there:

  • Keep travelling west through Leeds
  • At about 1.5 miles, the road will turn to gravel and cross the creek
  • After about 1.5 more miles, the road will fork.  Stay right towards the Oak Grove Campground
  • After 2 miles you will se the small parking lot on your right, with a sign for the Leeds Creek Kiln at the Chidrens Forest.
  • At about 5.5 miles, the road will terminate at the campground.