Oak Grove Road (Forest Service Road 32)

Oak Grove Road (Forest Service Road 32)



The Oak Grove Road is a fun and scenic drive that rises 2900 feet over a short, 9 mile drive. This is a well-groomed, gravel road appropriate for just about any vehicle. Because of the dramatic rise in elevation over such a short period of time, you quickly travel from sagebrush and juniper trees up to ponderosa pines, crossing Leeds creek several times away and enjoying the lush greenery that crowds its banks.

Elevation Range:   2900 ft
Low Elevation:   3600 ft
High Elevation:   6500 ft
Distance:   9.0 miles
Area:   Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness Area
Cost:   Free
Rating:    (4.0)
Aerobic Intensity:    (0.0)
Technical Difficulty:    (0.0)
Scenery:    (4.0)
  1 ratings
Last Edited: Oct 03, 2016


The Oak Grove Road (Forest Service Road 32) starts out just outside of the town of leeds, as an extension of Silver Reef Road.  The road starts out as asphalt, and quickly works through the west side of the town of leeds.  The road turns to dirt right as Leeds creek is crossed for the first time, and starts heading upwards.

Take a look at the informational postings on the right hand side of the road right after the bridge crossing - anything you need to now about fire restrictions, road closures, etc. will be posted here.

There are quite a few different backcountry campsites along the road, with quite a few of them in the first mile or two.  The first portion of this drive is very typical for the upper Red Cliffs type scenery - red rock, desert plant life, and the occasional deer running over the road.

This entire road should generally be in great condition, and travelable by any vehicle.  As with any dirt road, be careful and check conditions if there is any doubt, especially after any recent weather.

About the time the red rocks phases out, the road will branch - follow the signs to the right to keep on this road, or go to the left to take the Danish Ranch Road towards St. George.

After a short dip downwards, the road passes the Kiln at the Childrens Forest, then continues on and starts crossing back and forth over Leeds Creek.  The desert starts to lose its influence, and the plant life starts being interspersed with wild grape, cottonwood trees, and other green vines and plants that depend on an ample water supply.

The road opens up and starts to level out as the creek passes further away from the road, and the surrounding vegetation returns to the more familiar desert variety.  The south-facing cliffs of Pine Valley mountain start to come into full view as well, with visible effects of the various fires that have passed through this are over the years.

The Oak Grove campground comes up next, and the road enters in among the ponderosa pines.  At the campground, you can spend some time on a picnic, go up Pine Valley Mountain on the Oak Grove trail, or simply turn around and head back.


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 Getting There

Going Northbound on I-15:

  • Take exit 22, and turn left at the stop sign
  • Travel north through Leeds for 1.7 miles
  • Make a left on Silver Reef Road, quickly going under the freeway

Going Southbound on I-15:

  • Ttake exit 23. 
  • Turn right at the stop sign, going West on Silver Reef Road

From there:

  • Keep travelling west through Leeds
  • At about 1.5 miles, the road will turn to gravel and cross the creek
  • After about 1.5 more miles, the road will fork.  Stay right towards the Oak Grove Campground
  • After 2 miles you will se the small parking lot on your right, with a sign for the Leeds Creek Kiln at the Chidrens Forest.
  • At about 5.5 miles, the road will terminate at the campground where you can turn around and come back the same way.