Pioneer Names (Snow Canyon)

Pioneer Names (Snow Canyon)



The end point of this trail is some "graffiti" left behind by some of the earliest settlers to the area about 100 years ago. Visitors would come to the canyon to see the natural sights, to picnic, and to make their mark on the canyon walls. Visible as part of a short, 1 mile loop or as an even shorter hike of just a few hundred yards, this sight can be seen from the road but is best viewed as closely as you feel comfortable getting.

Elevation Range:   45 ft
Low Elevation:   3355 ft
High Elevation:   3310 ft
Distance:   1.1 miles
Area:   Snow Canyon State Park
Cost:   $6.00 Per-Vehicle Park Entry Fee
Rating:    (2.0)
Aerobic Intensity:    (1.0)
Technical Difficulty:    (1.0)
Scenery:    (3.0)
  1 ratings
Last Edited: Mar 22, 2018


Although you can see the names up close with a short hike and a climb up the sandstone slickrock, they are plainly visible from the road from the comfort of your car as well.  Technically a loop that follows the main canyon road for a portion of its distance, you can approach this hike several different ways.  Either take the South trail for a total hike a little bit over a mile, or just take the North trail directly to the base of the cliffs where the names are.

The names were placed with wagon axle grease many years ago by pioneers and their family members, with some names dating to the late 1800's.  The arch the sit under has protected the names from the elements, and kept them visible all these years later.

The hike can be great for kids, being short, easy, and with different things to see along the way.  The rock formations as well as the cliff faces with climbing anchors are at arms reach for most of the path.

The trail will take you to the base of the cliffs, with the names visible directly above.  The "cliffs" up to the names are sloped sandstone, and should be accessible to most able-bodied hikers, but caution should be taken.  The names can be reached and touched directly, but please be respectful of the names and surrounding area and leave them in their current condition.



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 Getting There

  • From Bluff Street in St George, drive North
  • At W Snow Canyon Parkway, turn left and drive East for 3.2 miles
  • At the traffic circle, follow the signs for Snow Canyon and take the first circle exit onto Snow Canyon Parkway
  • The park entrance is one mile north of the traffic circle.
  • The south (longer) trailhead for the trail is 1.3 miles inside the park entrance.
  • The north (shorter) trailhead for the sight is 1.5 miles inside the park entrance.
  • Park at the designated parking on the side of the road.