Temple Quarry Trail

Temple Quarry Trail



Temple Quarry Trail is a wonderful piece of history and scenery all rolled up in a close-to-home package. The site at the end of the trail is the location of stone that was brought to help construct the foundation of the St George LDS Temple, and stabilize it on what was a marshy swamp. Along the way are great views of much of St George as the trail wraps around the hill.

Elevation Range:   115 ft
Low Elevation:   3005 ft
High Elevation:   2890 ft
Distance:   2.3 miles
Area:   St. George
Cost:   Free
Rating:    (2.4)
Aerobic Intensity:    (2.0)
Technical Difficulty:    (2.0)
Scenery:    (3.0)
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Last Edited: Mar 27, 2018


This easy trail is perfect for a quick hike with the family.  Apart from a short section of steps, the trail is mostly level and holds plenty of history for the area.

At the entrance to the trail, right before passing under the sandstone arch, a plaque reads:

Pioneer workmen transported masala stone blocks for construction of the Sant George LDS temple foundation by wagon over this “Temple Quarry Trail”.

Completion of the trailhead, archway, and access to the trail has long been Dr. Mark H Greene’s area,.  The city of Saint George dedicates this project in memory of him.

November 9, 2007

Once you pass through, the stairs start within a couple hundred yards.  The going is easy, but watch your step.  These are ultimately dirt, and subject to the effects of the weather.

Partway up the trail, a sign reads:

Temple Quarry Trail

(1871 - 1874)

The Trail (Dugway) was built to access the Quarry on the south west side of the Black Hill. 

The large lava rock foundation and basement walls of the St. George Temple, because the stone was “impervious to the alkali soil”.

There are 4 different rest points along the trail, with benches at each point.  The trail wraps around the hill to give you views of Zion and Kolob, the Arizona Strip, and Snow Canyon as you go.  After a little over a mile, you will arrive at the quarry site - marked with another plaque and a picnic bench.

The plaque at the site of the quarry reads:

This is where the rock was quarried for the foundation of the St. George temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint.  Lava, Flowing from volcanoes to the north, formed this rock which is impervious to the alkali and water found in the soil where the temple was to be built.

The stone was quarried into slabs averaging ten feet long, forty-two inches wide, thirteen inches thick, and five thousand five hundred pounds in weight.  The unique method of loading them for hauling was by placing the stone on six inches of soil, straddling it with the wagon, securing it to the undercarriage, and then removing the dirt from under the rock.

The quarry was active during the early eighteen-seventies.

This plaque was donated by the Cotton Mission Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers

A great hike, easy to travel to and easy to return to!


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 Getting There

  • From St George Blvd where it crosses Bluff St, Cross over onto Airport Rd/Tech Ridge Dr.
  • Follow Tech Ridge Dr. North towards the top of the bluff.
  • After half a mile, turn right onto 265 S
  • Take the next left onto S Donlee Dr.
  • After 400 ft, park at the parking lot on the right, with the sandstone arch visible on the other side.