Virgin River Pump Station (Bloomington)

Virgin River Pump Station (Bloomington)



The Virgin River Pump Station is a concrete ruin that was once a structure built to pull water up out of the Virgin River into the surrounding farmland. Once the Bloomington golf course was built, this pump station then supplied water for the golf course until it was abandoned in 1982 as the river changed location over time and using the pump station became infeasible.

Elevation Range:   0 ft
Low Elevation:   2550 ft
High Elevation:   2550 ft
Distance:   0.1 miles
Area:   St. George
Cost:   Free
Rating:    (2.0)
Aerobic Intensity:    (1.0)
Technical Difficulty:    (1.0)
Scenery:    (2.0)
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Last Edited: Oct 03, 2016


This historical point is located a minute or two away from the Man O War Trailhead, right off the trail next to the Virgin River.  The bronze placard reads:

One of the most difficult challenges in the settlement of Bloomington, Price City and Atkinville in the late 1860’s was taking water from the Virgin River and using the water to irrigate the various farm crops.  After years of trying to find a way to master the river, these settlements were mostly abandoned for better places to raise crops and families.

This structure was built in 1965 for the purpose of lifting water from the Virgin River and pumping it onto the Dan Heaton farm, now known as the Bloomington Country Club Golf Course.  In addition, water from the Bloomington canal company which was taken from the Santa Clara River north of the I-15 freeway bridge was dropped into they structure via a ditch line and then pumped onto the farmland and eventually used to water the golf course, which was built in 1969.

Over time the Virgin River dropped in elevation from erosion.  The stream bed moved from the West side of the flood plain to the east side of the flood plan, making it impossible to direct the water to this structure.  Diversion dams were built but also failed to divert enough water to this structure to be usable.  Thus, the Virgin River Pump Station was abandoned in 1982.  Once again the river proved it was not able to be tamed by mankind.  Fortunately, there were other sources of water and the diversion points to provide water for the golf course and the ever growing community of Bloomington.


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 Getting There

  • Take exit 4, and enter the roundabout
  • Follow the signs for Pioneer Rd
  • Exit the roundabout on Pioneer Rd (the third exit point), and go past the Chevron heading South
  • After 0.7 miles, turn right onto Man O War Road
  • After 0.7 more miles, Man O War Road tees with Bloomington Dr
  • Right before the tee, turn into the parking lot for the Man O War Trailhead
  • On the Man O War trail, go north approx. .1 miles to arrive at the structure